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How to Get Russian Visa

If you need assistance when you try to obtain a Russian Tourist Visa, you have come to the right place. Some foreigners are surprised to find out that visa is required when they go to visit Russia. In some cases it is not that easy to get it therefore you need a company that will care about this problem.
Russian Visa is a necessary document and it does not matter what the purpose of your visit is. The person or a company from Russia should provide you with Visa Support letter. As a rule, this is performed by a Russian travel agency, but it is not enough just to have this letter. This is not a document yet, but something that will help you to get the one. You need to take it with you to the Russian Consulate – the organ that issues visas. We are ready to help you professionally with it. You will get the fax from us.
Visa Support letter is divided into two parts: your personal information, including your birthday, passport number, citizenship and a hotel voucher that verifies your stay at a definite hotel for a certain period.
It is necessary to pay certain fees to the Russian Consular to get visa. The size of fee can vary in accordance with your personal data (your citizenship, for instance).
The copy of the Visa Support letter should be sent to the Russian Consulate with other documents required to get your Russian Visa. You can apply to us and we will provide you with all necessary details concerning the documents because the regulations differ from one country to another.
When you come to Russia, register your visa at UVIR (registration office) or at the hotel.
 It is impossible to buy visa when you come to Russia.
If you forget to register your Russian Visa, you can have serious complications with police that can bring not to fine only but detention as well. When you come to live in a hotel your Russian Visa gets automatic registration.
If you apply to our company, we will make everything fast for you. You will face no difficulties if you deal with us. 

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