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We can offer you.

We are ready to provide a full range of services for you:

- Lawyers help as you purchase/rent the property in Russia.

- Tourist escort when you travel to Russia.

- The assistance of real estate expert as you chose the property (search, examination, market value assessment).

We offer four variants that will help you to fulfill the plan of safe dwelling during the cataclysms.

1) Purchase of land and a house in the village (with population of 20-1000 people).

2) Buying land in a small village with subsequent construction that will answer all your requirements.

3) Buying land for agriculture purposes (usually the area is 5-10 hectares), for the construction of the house, shelter, storage house, bunker and supply with everything necessary for autonomous living (artesian well drilling, food, equipment, fuel and etc.) for 10-15 years.

4) Buying land, building a road, autonomous system for living, storage houses, bunker, arranging strategic storage of everything that is required for survival in the course of several years. The construction of the hotel is also possible. It will bring profit and you can use this object in case of necessity.

If you own successful business in your country and can’t run it at a distance, then you can buy company in Russia with our assistance. Choose the business you like most of all, located not far from your place of living.

Other variants are possible as well alongside with combination of the ones we offered to you.

Besides, if you never use this shelter with the purpose it was constructed for, you can always use it as a country house, where you can enjoy nature, piece after monotonous days in the city. You will find the activity after your heart at any season.

Buy or Rent Estate in Russia


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