Is the world going to end in 2012?
There are 11 most researched 2012 predictions that can be found in the internet.
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The number of victims in Thailand reached 91 people
The number of victims in Thailand reached 91 people. The local mass media reported about it, telling that flood can be expected in Bangkok
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Hurricane Katya batters Europe
 As the tropical hurricane Katya crossed the Atlantic and broke in Europe, more than 13 thousand houses remained without electricity. Downpours in Scotland, Northern Ireland and in the north of England were accompanied with strong wind that reached 130 kilometers per hour. There have been reports on human deaths. The highways are flooded. Almost all ferry companies stopped working and the rail traffic is at a halt because of the trees that fell on tracks.
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Storm Lee in Louisiana turned into tropical depression
The tropical storm “Lee” that occurred in Louisiana downgraded and became a tropical depression.
The website of the National Hurricane Centre informs on Monday that the speed of wind that accompanies Lee was reduced to 55k/ph.
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Katia has become strong enough to turn into hurricane: America faced the threat of new hurricane
The tropical storm Katya in the Atlantic Ocean has become stronger and actually turned into hurricane. According to the data of National Hurricane Centre in Miami Katya is located now to the north east of the Caribbean islands, the Leeword island, in particular, reports Associated Press.
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Ruinous Tropical Storm Brings Death and Destruction to US East Coast
Some days passed after a rare earthquake, big swaths of the densely populated districts of the East Coast have weathered Irene, a hurricane that downgraded to a storm Irene. It drenched New York Sunday when it came ashore above the coastal areas to the south. 18 people died in the storm and made us think about a massive mobilization of governments.
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