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Home News 20-09-2011


Strong Typhoon Roke is Approaching Japan

Almost 14 thousand people received direction today about the evacuation in different districts of south-west Japan in connection with landslides and flood threat because of the approaching typhoon Roke, which is the 15th typhoon already this year. Most of all it poses threat now to the island Awaji in the Seto Inland Sea? It was issued that 7 thousand people must be evacuated there.

The situation is taking a serious turn in the Miyazaki Prefecture on the south west of Kyushu. The typhoon is approaching this island. Downpours continue in Wakayama taking the central part of the Pacific coast of the main Japanese island Honshu. The threat of dams break emerged there and this can bring to affluent floods.

The speed of wind reaches 50 m/sec. It is expected that Roke will hit the main land on the 21st of September as the source reports.

In the beginning of September the central parts of the country were damaged already by the typhoon Talas. As a result of landslides and floods 63 people were killed, about 40 of them are listed as missing.  


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