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Home News 19-09-2011


Strong earthquake hits India and Nepal

More than 30 people were killed and injured as a result of the earthquake with magnitude 6.9 in Nepal and northern districts of India.
3 people were killed in Kathmandu when the wall in British consulate was destroyed. Upon the whole 5 people became the victims of the earthquake including two children.
5 people were killed in the Indian state Sikkim located in Himalayas that border China, Nepal and Butane. The information about 50 injured is reported.
According to the data of the Geological Centre of the US strong shakes were observed in Sikkim at 6 p.m. The quake jolts repeated twice.
Telephone services were interrupted in the state. The electricity was interrupted too in the capital of the district Gangtoke.
Indian TV channels report about the destruction of two main roads in the city.
Rescue team continues the search of people under the fallen buildings, stated the head of the state police Jasbir Singh. He also added that all police strength is brought to the higher state of readiness.
As it was reported, one person was killed in one of the cities of the state Behar on the east of the country as a result of panic.
Besides, 5 people died in the West Bengal cities of Darjeeling.
Chinese agency Xinhua informed about 7 people killed in Tibet.

The consequences of the quake in Nepal

The citizens living in the apartment buildings were evacuated in Kathmandu, located at the distance of 270 kilometers from the epicenter of the quake. The tragedy caused traffic jams.
After the quake one of the walls of the diplomatic centre fell down burring four people.
The injured were urgently sent to hospital, but three of them were not saved, said the head of the police in Kathmandu Kedar Rijal to Reiter agency.
There is a man among the killed people who passed the building by motorcycle with his 8-year-old child.
According to the information given in Himalayan Times, there is one more five-year-old child among the victims in Nepal.
The earthquake was felt also in the neighboring Butane and Bangladesh. According to the reports of Reiter thousands of people in Dakka rushed out of the homes located in high-rise buildings.
Several earthquakes have been registered in the region during the last year, but they were no victims and destruction.

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