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The Storm Warning was Issued on the Canadian Island because of the Hurricane

Storm warning was issued by meteorologists on the shore of the Canadian city Newfoundland in connection with the coming storm Maria, reports American National Hurricane Centre, NHC.

Tropical storm Maria, formed in the western part of Atlantic Ocean on the 7th of September, became the 13th strong cyclone this season. Several days later the storm increased to the hurricane strength.

The epicenter of the storm is located 1 thousand kilometers to the west of Cabo Verde and moves to the north east with the speed 70 km per hour. The speed of wind accompanied by storm makes 128 kilometers per hour. According to the forecast, the hurricane must pass through the south eastern part of Newfoundland on Friday.  

Newfoundland is located near the north-eastern shore of Canada and enters the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.


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