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Home News 18-09-2011


Two new tropical storms approach the south and east of Japan

Government of Japan warned about the approaching 2 new tornadoes to the southern and eastern districts of the country. They were given names of Rocky and Sonka, reports NHK channel on Friday.

According to the information on website of Japanese Meteorological Agency, storm Rocky accompanied with showers, slowly moves to Okinawa island and Kii peninsula.

Now Rocky is 240 kilometers to the east from the administrative center of the island, the city Naha and moves to the north-west with a speed 20 kilometers per hour. Up to 40 mm downfall is expected on Saturday in Okinawa and the southern parts of the island Kyushu.

The strength of wind reaches 23 kilometers per hour in the epicenter.

Besides, the storm Rocky will probably hit Kii, which had suffered most of all from the typhoon Talas last month that hit Japan. Up to 250 mm downfall is also possible and this only contributes to the apprehension of the local government on the increase of the possible damage of the disaster.

At the same time other tropical storm Sonka is approaching the eastern shore of the country. The storm is rather far to the south east from the eastern shore of Japan and is slowly moving to the west. Meteorologists warn about downpours that can hit Tokyo and adjacent territories on Sunday. 


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