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Home News 17-09-2011


The earthquake with a magnitude 6.2 took place in Japan.

The earthquake with magnitude 6.2 rocked the Eastern part of Japan. There is no information yet on possible victims and destruction and on the potential danger of tsunami.

Quake jolts occurred in Japan at 12.00 (Moscow time – GMT +3). The epicenter was in Pacific Ocean, which is located 94 km to the south east from Iwaki and 156 km to the north east from the capital of the country Tokyo.  The hearth of the earthquake was 10 kilometers deep.  Strong quake jolt were observed on the territory of Ibaraki, Tiba, Saitama, and the capital of Japan, as RIA reports.

The earthquake hit the country several days after Japan marked 6 months that passed from the disaster on the 11th of March. As it was reported, the earthquake with magnitude 9.0 shook the north east of Japan. It provoked tsunami over 10 meters high. More than 16 thousand people were killed in the tragedy.


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