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Home News 17-09-2011


The number of victims in Thailand reached 91 people

The number of victims in Thailand reached 91 people. The local mass media reported about it, telling that flood can be expected in Bangkok.

The river Chao Praya will bring big water to the capital on Saturday (17th of September. The situation gets more complicated with a tide in the Siam Gulf.  The staff of the pump station in Bangkok and in the vicinity of the station was transferred to the round-the-clock regime. 

 Two months of affluent rains brought more than 1.2 million victims according to the information of flood control body.

20 provinces of Thailand were flooded. The northern districts of the country suffered most of all. The city Chiang May, one of the biggest tourist centers of Thailand suffered most of all. Serious floods damaged two tourist centers – island Phucket and Krabi province. Now water reached the central and southern districts of the city.   

The level of water near the main dams and obstructions, erected for floods control made 95-102% of maximal load. About 600 thousand people are in the risk zone of sudden flooding, reports the source.


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