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Home News 05-09-2011


Storm Lee in Louisiana turned into tropical depression

The tropical storm Lee that occurred in Louisiana downgraded and became a tropical depression.

The website of the National Hurricane Centre informs on Monday that the speed of wind that accompanies Lee was reduced to 55k/ph.

There were no reports about the victims however several thousand people were evacuated from the bottom land of the state.

We would remind you that the tropical storm Lee broke down on New Orleans, which was destroyed in 2005 by Katrina hurricane. There was flood on some parts of the city. The system of dams worked irregularly.

Meanwhile the data about the first victims arrived. It is reported that 34-year-old man was brought with water from the shore in the state Texas, island Gelcstona. He was found later dead. There was no some other information on victims.

It is worthwhile mentioning that Lee is the 12th Atlantic storm this hurricane season, which received a name. 


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