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Home News 05-09-2011


Katia has become strong enough to turn into hurricane: America faced the threat of new hurricane

The tropical storm Katya in the Atlantic Ocean has become stronger and actually turned into hurricane. According to the data of National Hurricane Centre in Miami Katya is located now to the north east of the Caribbean islands, the Leeword island, in particular, reports Associated Press.

It was noted that the strength of wind has become 160 km. per hour therefore the storm has received the status of a hurricane.

If hurricane does not change the direction, it will soon reach the shoreline of the USA.

The USA has suffered from the Atlantic hurricane Irene at the end of August. 44 people became its victims. The serious destructions were registered in New York, New Jersey and Northern Carolina. The damage from the hurricane, according to the preliminary estimates, can reach 10 billion dollars.

In the beginning of September new tropical storm Lee threatened the country therefore the oil extraction in the Gulf of Mexico was reduced 60% and people working there on the 237 oil and gas production platforms and 23 drill rigs were evacuated. 


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