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Home News 29-08-2011


Ruinous Tropical Storm Brings Death and Destruction to US East Coast

Some days passed after a rare earthquake, big swaths of the densely populated districts of the East Coast have weathered Irene, a hurricane that downgraded to a storm Irene. It drenched New York Sunday when it came ashore above the coastal areas to the south. 18 people died in the storm and made us think about a massive mobilization of governments.

Irene was furious on the U.S. East Coast for about 3 days. There were high winds there and abundant rains. It brought multiple destructions on gigantic areas where flooding, broken trees, houses, power outages and impassable ways became a common picture.

One of the persons from Washington D.C. had to spend a frightening night in the house that was damaged by big tree that fell on it. The members of his family were very frightened as that happened unexpectedly and there were 2 little kids in the house.

A big number of travelers happened to be in a difficult situation due to the thousands of canceled flights. Irene caused the closure of New York Citys subway that never took place before.

New Yorkers overcome all hardships with stoicism. The same can be said about Faris Algabbon who closed his store for a couple of hours only. He said that people bought much in fear that stores would close. Though, certainly, there are a lot of people, who are subjected to panic. The number of messages in Twitter became the proof of this fact. It is not that the nation is paralyzed with fear, but all remain in the state of expectation, not knowing what to expect.

One big suburban grocery store lacked simple foods on Friday evening, because the customers just bought everything. It was hard to find even bread in the shops then.

In comparison with the unexpected earthquake, that occurred last week, Irene's arrival was expected beforehand. Michael Bloomberg, New York City Mayor asked the residents of the city to stay in and be ready to stay in.

The losses from the damage havent been calculated yet. The trees are in abundance on the roadways waiting to be cleared.

Life still goes on in spite of the circumstances. There are things that cant wait. The babies are still born. Some couples do not postpone their wedding. Sammy Miller, a bride, said that the day is too important to skip it.

The insurances losses are also not estimated yet but they are going to be not so ruining as it was expected by experts. But the general impact on the economy of the country is going to be bigger because many companies stopped working. New York belongs to the most productive regions of the country with $12 million output per day and this is the fifth of the total output in the U.S.

Various forms of losses affect the budget greatly. Waiting for the storm, ConocoPhillips, for instance, reduced the output at the refinery as the workers were sent to guard against buildup of water. The number of such examples is big. Much income is lost because of the events at the end of August. 


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