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The frightening scenario nuclear plants vulnerability

The 5.8 magnitude strong earthquake that took place at the East Coast last Tuesday and put 2 nuclear reactors in Virginia offline made us think about the security of nuclear plants in the United States. What is interesting, the federal government started examining the doomsday scenario and how earthquake-nuclear tragedy can play out. The question remains if the country is ready for the worst or not. Numerous experts around the web point out the strengths and vulnerabilities of the nuclear plants in the United States of America.

The frightening scenario that could happen in the opinion of federal government in May, has the following negative consequences: 7 million of people can stay without homes, while 100,000 Midwesterners can lose lives. The government ran a simulation of an earthquake tragedy called National Level Exercise 11.

What is the Exercise? National Level Exercise 2011, which is also called NLE 11 is a special exercise that was developed and directed by White House directed and comprises the participation of necessary federal department and certain senior officials of the agency, their deputies and main operational elements. National Level Exercise 2011 will concentrate on local catastrophic response and revival activities between the sector participants.

National Level Exercise 11, or NLE 11, was, actually, a replay of a catastrophe that happened 200 years before. That was on Dec. 16, 1811, when a magnitude 7.7 earthquake happened in the border region of Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. But now there are 15 nuclear power plants in this zone of seismic activity. In the opinion of Paul Stockton, who holds the position of the Defense Departments senior homeland security official, the following things will happen: there will be no electricity in the region not for several days, but for several weeks running and even for several months. As municipal water systems are powered with the help of electricity, the shortage of water is evident. The gasoline pumps also run on electric power, but how will people be evacuated then?

The vulnerability of nuclear plants starts from the 5.8 magnitude earthquake though they are designed to withstand the earthquake up to the 6.2 magnitude point. Still too little margin remains between the size of the quake and the design metrics therefore the concern is explicable.

When some of the safety measure fails, you will find some other instead that can avoid the disaster. The risk is too high though and the task is challenging. We are all need to work over it to minimize the risks.

The nuclear crisis that occurred after the devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan raised many questions on the subject of safety not only in Japan but in other countries as well. Americans are asking about the vulnerability of the country's nuclear facilities. Are they subjected to natural disasters and such earthquakes, in particular? There are a lot of questions to be settled there. 


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