Is the world going to end in 2012?
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Our recommendations for you to survive

The size of the catastrophe has not reached its peak yet under the conditions of global warming and one can choose where to live and change the place of living. It is natural that one-day evacuation will hardly be necessary, therefore rare person will think about secure place.

In case of global cataclysms and predictions about the Armageddon, it is necessary to have the place, which can be your shelter, where you can wait for quite long time (5-15 years) till it all over. This place must answer the following geographical requirements:

1. It must be far away from the densely populated area.

2. It should have natural barriers to protect you from the flood, tsunami.

3. The place should feature maximal protection from winds that bring radioactive dust, chemical and biological dirt that can be entailed by the destruction of atomic power stations and chemical plants.

4. Try to find the place that is far from busy (in peaceful time) highways, because refugees will look for salvation not far from them and believe me, it will be easier to survive surrounded by the circle of close people than in the camp of thousands refugees. It may sound cruel but you will have to save yourself and the members of your family while other people did not even care about their safety in advance and did not do anything, in spite of the fact that you warned them and said that it would be good to think about the future.

5. You must have enough land for plants cultivation (in the case the level of radiation, chemical and biological contamination allow you that).

A lot of Russian lands can satisfy all these conditions. There are many places in Russia with appropriate climate conditions for living.

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