Is the world going to end in 2012?
There are 11 most researched 2012 predictions that can be found in the internet.
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Forecasts Of Apocalypses

There are different views predicting the end of the world, which is close as they say and will take place on the 21st of December.  Studying the writings of Mayans, Egyptians, Yonaguri underwater structures or something else, different sources inform us about Y2K. Nostradamus predicted destruction of the city 45 degrees to the North, which is New York.

Among all the predictions the date 2012, December, 21 should be pointed out.  It is an interesting fact but it was mentioned hundreds of time in the works of different prophets, who never knew each other and could not read the information anywhere else. Still what they say make us pay closer attention to the facts we are going to cover here. In some cases the 12th of December is declared to be an important date. Taking all these facts into consideration it is clear that the date is pivotal and can change the course of time.

It is considered that the prediction about it was contained in the lost book of Nostradamus.

There is a view that planet X (Niburu) has to do with doomsday in 2012. According to the theory the planet will be so close to the Earth that natural disasters start killing people. Only a small per cent people will stay on Earth after it. The conspiracy theories are diverse and in accordance with some of them there is a category of chosen people who will be protected by the Government in every way during the disaster and will be saved from extinction. Special bunkers are arranged where food and everything needed for life is preserved for years.  The chosen ones will stay in these bunkers and they will be protected by the government at this.

 The scrolls, which were found in the Dead Sea, say about Armageddon 2012. The scrolls created by Essenes, include Hebrew Bible pieces. The Book of Revelation, for instance, predicted the economic collapse that took place in 2008. It also says that the end of time should be expected with return of Israel to their land and that actually happened in 1948, so this is the last generation according to the prophecy and the end is close. Mayans assert the same as far as time period is concerned.  There should be an alignment of the Galaxy with the Earth and the Sun at this time.

There are various versions on how it is going to happen. The collision with a gigantic asteroid in 2012 makes us study the subject from all sides. Eros, Toutatis, Apophis are asteroids that pass near our planet from 2012 to 2029, but no asteroid will hit earth  if there is no some deviation from the course.

The Aztec 2012 calendar also says about the last destruction on Earth. Not many will survive according to it after the catastrophe.

The Bible or Torah Code was decoded and the experts found the prediction of F.Kennedy assassination in it, Israeli Prime Minister assassination (1995) alongside with the date of Mayan prediction (2012) that was confirmed.

It says that 4 billion people will die from 2005 to 2012.

Mayans said about giant black hole in the center of the Galaxy. It aligns with the Sun on the 12th of December, 2012. The gravitational pull that caused by this event will create gravitational pool and will bring to a shift of magnetic polar.

The same date was indicated in the prophecy of Hopi Indians from Arizona. Their petroglyphs say about the moon landing.

Among the possible things that can happen as a result of alignment is a solar plasmic charge. It will shut down all electronics.

Web Bot prophecies 

Web-Bot is an Oracle nowadays, which predicted 911, Katrina, the crash of the market 2008. The 12 of December 2012 was also predicted. This prediction tells about big tsunamis that will destroy everything. Only those who live high in the mountains will survive. Then the seed vault will arrive from Norway at them, that contains 4.4 million seeds. It will serve like a Noahs Ark.

Web Bot prophecies are rather interesting as well. The project was made to predict the events on the stock market. The 1st correct prediction was made in 2001. According to the web bot predictions every life changing event takes place in 2-3 months and it must be something of giant proportions. The web bot was right about 9/11/2001. But the bot also predicted the global catastrophe in 2012. According to the prophecy WWIII is going to happen that will involve Asian and African countries. US will be annihilated at that.

Interesting prediction was made by Celtic shaman Merlin, who told that time would come when people speak with each other via stone (cell phones?) and this will cause rise of seas and winds. He describes the consequences of global warming, and this is the knowledge provided by the scientists today.

Hercolubus is a planet that is coming to our solar system. Being a big concern for some experts, this cosmic phenomenon is called a Red Planet too. Nothing is able to stop this celestial body that is 5-6 times bigger than the planet Jupiter.

It resembles the Wormwood that was described in the Revelation of Christ. The collision with Earth was illustrated there: how big star fell on Earth and made its waters bitter.  But the Red Planet is too far from the Earth. It will take a whole century for it if it travels with a light speed. Only in this case it will reach the Earth in a century.

The previous collision destroyed Atlantean civilization. Will it return some day to the Earth? Probably it is not able to collide but there is still big concern about it. Its gigantic size and exertion of electromagnetic and gravitational force is fraught with other dangers and can entail volcanic eruptions, tides and earthquakes etc. In addition to natural cataclysms, the Earth is tilted from its rotation axis. At present the tilt is 23 degrees but as the Hercobulus comes closer this parameter will increase.

I Ching 2012

According to I Ching 2012 this year is significant for the history because we are going to come to the zero state. This resource is the oldest Chinese book dated 3d or 4th century BC. The main idea of the book is the balance of the opposites. The changes are inevitable and we have to admit them.

Basing on the fractals theory it concludes that there is connection between spans of time. There are levels in each fractal and each one is 64 times bigger than the previous one.  Studying the key events in the history, people concluded that December,22, 2012 is a point when everything new reaches the maximum. This is the date of some novelty.

Among the years of great changes are 1945, 2300 BC (start of historical time), the appearance of Homo Sapience and etc.

2012 - this date was discovered by the experts before Mayan calendar was found. Is it just a sheer coincidence? This is hardly so.

Illuminati 2012

Secret entity Illuminati 2012 was  also made responsible for troubles that exist in the world. According to conspiracy plot this secret society, called masonry, rules the world and influences the events in this or that way. In spite of the long history of its existence the secrets have been never unveiled. They have always confronted the church.

There is a view that masons contributed to the rise of Communism and that influential politicians belong to the Masonic lodges.

This theory is closely connected with the New World Order that you can hear often too. There is much talk about some global conspiracy that is ruled by mighty and powerful people. These are the people from the highest society that include politicians, wealthy people, corporate elite and so on. They are all united by one goal to create the society with single world government. The fascism ideology is at its basis.

It is said that these rulers want to reduce the number of people by two thirds and acquire absolute control over the rest. Who founded and organized the group? It is a hard question. According to rumors the real power belongs to this group. This seems to be a continuation of Bavarian Illuminati while its members enter mysterious occult societies.

It does not matter who is elected, there are real rulers behind the scenes. They inherit the power and it has always been so. According to this order there is no middle class. There are only rulers and those who obey.

The new World Order will be finished by 2012. This year was chosen because these people follow numerology while the year 2012 features some special power when unusual force can be revealed.

Mabus is a well-known physics who was called a prophet too. His visions describe bloody events generally. He also saw the coming of Antichrist. Actually, two Antichrists were described and predicted by Nostradamus. These are Hitler and Bonaparte, and they have already lived on Earth. The third one that should come is Mabus. There are a lot of speculations around this name. Some find the analogy with Saddam Hussein, saying that mabus is the anagram for sudam . When anagram is created letters can be reduced or added. One letter is missing only in it.

After Hussein was executed, the comet McNaught, which passed by the Sun, started bursting. It was unexpected and its tail turned so bright that was even brighter than Venus. It shone like an afterglow of the sunset. McNaught was also visible several days later after it appeared first. People could see it on the skies of the Southern Hemisphere and its tail was extended to millions of miles. Mabus that was predicted by Nostradamus resembles McNaught. This is the comet that appears at the final stage of the prophecy.

If Saddam is the third antichrist then after his annihilation end of times approaches.

Mayan calendar ends with the date the 21st of December, 2012 and many people make their own conclusions why it is so.

Mayan had exact calculations on the solar systems cycles. There were 5 cycles upon the whole, making 5,125 years, which is equal to 1 galactic day. We live at the end of a galactic day after which the synchronization of planets follows.

Extraordinary cosmic event the synchronization of solar system will take place in 2012.

But Mayan predicted the end of the circle, which can be a stage of transition only and not an end of times.

The research of NASA 2012

NASA conducted the research with the aim to reveal if the expected catastrophe will really take place in 2012. It is said that when With Niburu approach the earth, tides, polar shifts, flooding and etc can be more intensive.  Last time when it did, the flood almost destroyed everything on Earth. It was in 11,000 BC.

NASA concluded that no asteroid threatens the Earth in 2012. The biggest disaster of this kind took place 65 million years ago and brought to dinosaurs extinction.  The chance is rare that something will change in the solar system and doomsday will arrive.

Niburu is actually not a planet but a dark star. When it orbits the sun, and this happens every 3600 years, the solar system has 2 stars.

Nostradamus predicted many things, such as French revolution, the death of Princess Diana, the London fire, Hurricane Katrina, WWII, bombing of World Trade Center and etc., but he never told that end of times will be in 2012. He wrote about 2096 and later years: 3786, 3797.

Astronomers believe that life on Earth will come to a standstill in 2012. This was Nostradamus who wrote about one thousand peaceful years.


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