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The sale of land has started in the most picturesque place of the Zhigulevskoe more (the Volga river water storage basin), where new cottage village Suskanskie dachi will be built.

The address is: Ulyanovsk Oblast (area), Melekessky district, 30 meters to the south east from Chuvashsky Suskan settlement (3 kilometers from Khryaschevka).

 The highway of federal importance with good cross-country ability goes through Chuvashsky Suskan. All service lines are beside the place. The land is even with forest line along the range of cottages and the Volga River. There is artesian water on the territory with the required depth 35-45 meters. One can go through the forest (dam) or by highway.  The federal highway 5 that goes through dam to Tolyatti is 30 kilometers.

 The paid water pond for fishing Khryaschevka (crucian, carp, grass carp, pike and perch) is located near the village. The international snow kiting and windsurfing competition is going to take place the sixth time there in 2011 this is the Marathon Zhigulevskoe More, in which the strongest sportsmen of Russia and other countries take part.

 The history of the village:

The village of Melekessky district, Ryazan rural settlement was formed in the 18th century.  The village Chuvashsky Suskan had 695 households, 2596 people, a church, 3 parish schools that belonged to Zemstvo, elementary school and 7 windmills.

New cottage settlement Suskanskie dachi: Thanks to good location the best part of the settlement is found on the edge of the wonderful forest. You can pick mushrooms near your ranch and enjoy fresh forest air every day, waking up to the birds singing. The second part of the land is on the bank of Kuibyshev water basin the excellent pearl among the nature richness of Samara area. Superb fishing is guaranteed for you - pikeperch, pike and bass are frequently caught by fishers here. But the variety is not limited with these kinds of fish: you can also catch roach, ide and big carp.

Those who are fond of hunting will also like this place much. Diverse game can be found here all the year round. Spring hunting period begins with wildfowl hunting, and you can start hunting with your dog in the middle of summer. The peak hunting period for waterfowl begins in August, and hunting for foxes and hares starts in the middle of September.

The lovers of big game should prepare their guns for winter when the season is open to hunt for moose, wild boar and deer. You can also hunt for hares and foxes with track hounds.

The distance to the closest big population settlement Tolyatti is 40 kilometers through Khryaschevka settlement.

The distance to the closest airport Kurumoch of the Samara city is 90 kilometers.

 Regular international competition Marathon Zhugulevskoe More on snow kiting and windsurfing is held near Suskanskie dachi (cottages). It is going to be the sixth competition already in 2011. 



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