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How to buy estate in Russia.

People in Russia feel more protected in case of the worst Armageddon scenario. Thanks to geographical location Russia can be a perfect escape for people living in Western countries. It was proved by a number of specialists who try to estimate the possibilities of people living in different parts of the world, that Russia belongs to the safest locations when some threat becomes a reality and people look for survival. If you want to protect yourself and your close people, purchase of property in Russia is the best thing you can do for your dear people.

First of all, it is important to point out that purchase of real estate property by foreign citizens is not forbidden by law. But the law of Russian Federation has a range of peculiarities. The main document that regulates the foreigners in Russia is the Federal Law About the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in RF. In compliance with it people who came to Russia has the same rights and obligations as the RF citizens with the exception of some cases, mentioned here.

According to the general rule, foreigners are allowed to buy the property but there are some limitations here. For instance, in accordance with the law (article 15 of RF Land Code) people without RF citizenship are not allowed to buy the land near the border.

Some land that is acquired for agricultural purpose can be just rented, not bought. As for the buildings and constructions, there are no limitations (only of the house is not located near the border).

The foreigner can buy a house, a flat, a room or a part of the house but cant be registered in it when he arrives there even if he is a property owner. When the person acquires the property the question of his legal stay on the territory of Russia arises as well.

Every foreigner should have the residence permit, residence visa or other documents that allow his stay in Russia in accordance with the law.

The difference between the sojourn and temporary residence is that the person can stay in Russia on the basis of visa or some other status that does not require visa and does not have residence permit. The duration of the stay is regulated by the term determined mainly by visa. It can be prolonged or on the contrary contracted in case the conditions, according to which visa was given to the person, changed. 

It can be rather difficult to get a permit for temporary residence in RF. The success of the procedure may depend upon the range of multiple legal factors. Generally people want to get the permit for temporary residence because they want to get Russian citizenship, and this is the first step on the way to it. You will have to provide a big number of documents for that.

Foreign residents can get the permit for temporary residence in RF for 3 years. It may take up to 6 months for a person to get the permit or a negative reply. When you obtain the positive reply, then you will get special stamp in the international passport. That means that you are allowed to live on the territory of Russian Federation.

Residence permit can be given for 5 years, but it can be prolonged after it. The number of times when you can extend your permit is not limited.

 But sometimes a foreigner can obtain a negative replay. For instance, it can happen when:

- the person was condemned for some serious crime;

- the documents were fake or the person provided some false data about himself;

- the person lives abroad for over 6 months;

- the person went to some other state for inhabitancy;

- the person is drug-addicted and he poses threat to the surrounding and etc.

All these aspects will be taken into consideration by our company and experienced specialist will assess the situation and your chance to get the residence permit and make your stay in RF legal.

When the foreigner arrives in Russia, he should be registered in the course of three days.

It is natural that all documents of a foreign person must be translated and have notarial seal. The scheme of property purchase in Russia is rather simple in fact, if you apply to our company. Apart from big working experience we are ready to shoulder all problems connected with your move to Russia. You can apply to us and we rent accommodation for you before all problems with the purchase of the needed property are settled. We do not only buy property for you, but can buy the company or some business for you. We are ready to solve all problems that can arise during the purchase and registration procedure.

Some things that are common in Russia seem very strange for foreigners but all peculiarities will be explained to you in this case by our highly professional real estate specialists.

There is no reason to fear something. If you hire our expert who is in charge of all formalities, you will have to provide the documents only. You should not forget that purchase of property does not mean that he/she will have some privileges for residence permit, which is usual for other countries. Therefore you will need a good specialist who will solve this problem.

Why is it impossible to be registered in the flat or house right after the property purchase? The matter is that registration in the house or a flat de facto denotes that you are a citizen of the country. And this is against the law that strictly regulates the procedure.

If the foreign person buys the property in Russia, he will have to pay property levy like any person living in Russia, that makes 0.3% - 2% of the property value.

In accordance with common practice the buyer pays for all expenses on registration and other formalities. All deals must be concluded in Russian rubles, but the parties can agree to attach the rate to some currency in case it seems more reliable for them.

The purchase of property in Russia can be connected with a number of problems but when you apply to the right company, you can forget about all possible complications. We collaborate with different organizations which are involved in this sphere in this or that way. We never give up when some challenges are on the way.  Many our customers are pleased with the services they obtained. If you have some questions, do not doubt to contact us and we will clarify what is not clear for you. 


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