Is the world going to end in 2012?
There are 11 most researched 2012 predictions that can be found in the internet.

Some skeptics accept as factual that 2012 propositions about the end of the world is silly, so is the world going to end in 2012? There had been many of disorder and misreading conveyed by doubts like the Hopi prophecy that have leaped into focus. Millions of internet sheets are considering about 2012.
Strong Typhoon Roke is Approaching Japan
Almost 14 thousand people received direction today about the evacuation in different districts of south-west Japan in connection with landslides and flood threat because of the approaching typhoon Roke, which is the 15th typhoon already this year. Most of all it poses threat now to the island Awaji in the Seto Inland Sea? It was issued that 7 thousand people must be evacuated there.
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Strong earthquake hits India and Nepal
More than 30 people were killed and injured as a result of the earthquake with magnitude 6.9 in Nepal and northern districts of India.
3 people were killed in Kathmandu when the wall in British consulate was destroyed. Upon the whole 5 people became the victims of the earthquake including two children.
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The Storm Warning was Issued on the Canadian Island because of the Hurricane
Storm warning was issued by meteorologists on the shore of the Canadian city Newfoundland in connection with the coming storm Maria, reports American National Hurricane Centre, NHC.
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Two new tropical storms approach the south and east of Japan
Government of Japan warned about the approaching 2 new tornadoes to the southern and eastern districts of the country. They were given names of Rocky and Sonka, reports NHK channel on Friday.
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